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Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Offer of Study Programmes:

  • General Nurse  – 3-Year Bachelor Full-Time Study
  • General Nurse  – 3-Year Bachelor Combined Study
  • Midwife  – 3-Year Bachelor Full-Time Study
  • Nursing in Selected Clinical Fields – 2-Year Follow-up Master Full-Time Study


Characteristics of the Department:

The Department has been part of the Faculty of Health Care Studies of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen since the 2008/2009 academic year. The Nursing programme has long been specializing in preventive care of lifestyle diseases, research on skin diseases and prevention of malignant diseases. In midwifery, the Department focuses on care in the community setting.

Every year, the Department organizes student conferences where students present interesting experiences from their practical training On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the Department is organizing a national conference, "Journey of Learning and Education in Nursing." We expect a similar tradition in student scientific conferences in cooperation with UWB in Pilsen.

Midwives, always in the autumn, organize an instructive festival for professionals and the general public "The Way of Women – Mothers”.

We also cooperate with:

  • healthcare and social establishments in the Region (Teaching Hospital/FN Plzeň and others)
  • professional organizations - ČAS, ČKPA, UNIPA, SPAPK, ČSARIM
  • non-profit organizations – Tyflo Centrem Plzeň, o.p.s. – “Bílá pastelka”/”White Pencil”/, Mamma Help – “Kytičkový den”/”Flower Day”/, Lions Clubu – “Lví očko”/”Lion’s Eye”/, “Nedoklubko”, “Dlouhá cesta”/”Long Way”/, “MC Plzeňské panenky”/”MC Pilsen Dolls”/, “Domov Sv. Zdislavy”/”St. Zdislava Home”/, “Naděje”/”Hope”/, “Klub dvojčat a vícerčat”/ „Club of twins and multiplets”/


Address of the Department:

Department of Nursing and Midwifery (KOS)
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Husova 11
301 00 Plzeň

tel. 377 633 771


Head of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen:
PhDr., Mgr. Jitka Krocová - (+420) 377 633 776; krocovaj@kos.zcu.cz

Secretaries of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Health Care Studies:
Lucie Suchanová - (+420) 377 633 771; suchano@kos.zcu.cz